Slam Poetry Incursion

Recently Phillip Wilcox came to our school to talk to us about Slam Poetry. He was extremely talented, funny and awesome. He made up wacky jokes and ways to remember words and sayings. He was very interactive us and he even made the teachers laugh. To some, he introduced Slam Poetry in an interesting way. To others, he made them understand Slam Poetry more in depth. His life stories were hilarious, entertaining and amusing to listen to. He is a genuine man who loves what he does. I could tell. What I found really moving was when he said that money doesn’t bring you happiness. He said that he loves the job he does even if the pay is not a lot as opposed to other professions. Phillip is someone who made everybody’s morning and everybody’s lives with the astonishing poems he created and expressed to us. He showcased the funny and talented man he is.

By Maximus Torres (B7S)

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