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Extensive careers and pathway support is provided to students in Years 9 to 12.

Year 9 students have one on one Course direction interviews in term 3 to establish pathways, discuss VET options and accelerated VCE subject choices.

Year 10 students have one on one interviews in Terms 1 and 2 with the College Careers Support Adviser to discuss career options. The students complete their Career Action plan during the interview, discuss Work Experience plans and look at University, TAFE and employment options.

The students and parents are invited to attend an information evening where all pathway options are explained. The college holds a subject expo for all Year 10 students prior to their one on one Course direction interviews in Term 3.

Year 11 students complete a new Career Action Plan and have one on one access to the College Careers Practitioner. The students can access careers resources and on-line careers tools any time throughout the year with the support from the Careers Practitioner.

Year 12 students have two scheduled one on one interviews with the college Careers Practitioner. The first interview is to discuss career pathways, university/TAFE and course options and Apprenticeships/work options. The second interview held in Term 3 is to submit applications to University or TAFE and finalise Apprenticeship or work details. Their personal Career Action plans are also finalized in Term 3.

The students have full access to our Careers Practitioner through an open door policy throughout the year. The Careers practitioner is available after Year 12 results are released in December for change of preference support and in January and February for further education enrolment support.