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Our BYOD program is an exciting opportunity to improve student engagement, promote greater academic achievement and provide teachers and students new ways to learn and collaborate.

Some ways our students will use their computer include:

  • Using Word to write letters and essays
  • Using Publisher to create posters and brochures
  • Accessing podcasts and videos created by their teachers
  • Using online learning tools such as Manga High
  • Using online communication tools such as Email, Compass and Office365
  • Completing digital worksheets and workbooks

Students are required to bring a Windows based device running Windows 10.  We do not support Apple Mac, iPad and Android Tablets
Mobile phones are not permitted to be used as a BYOD device.

Students who do not own, or do not bring, a computer to school every day will be able to borrow one from the IT Office at the beginning of every day and then must return it at the end of every day. We only have a limited number of computers which students may borrow.

Our BYOD Supplier

To assist parents in the purchase of a device, Kambrya College has entered into a partnership with JB Education who will provide an online portal from which you can select the computer that you wish to buy. You will be required to pay for the computer (+ any additional accessories) at the time of purchase.

Click below to access the JB Education Portal

School Code:

Microsoft Office 365

All students at Kambrya College have access to the latest version of Microsoft Office for free.

To login to Office 365, students will need to go to https://office365.kambryacollege.com

Username: Student email address (ABC0001@kambryacollege.com)
Password: College network/Compass password

BYOD Questions

If you have a question in relation to our BYOD program, please contact the college on 03 9707 7600 or email kambrya.co@edumail.vic.gov.au